Approximate dimensions: 60 inches high x 23.5 inches wide x 14 inches deep

Materials: constructed from plywood and hardboard on a wooden frame. Built in 4 sections which are to be assembled in order, with a pyramid shaped roof. It is a stacking form with hidden pegs holding the sections of the tower in place when assembled. Painted with casein based paint and varnished with Windsor & Newton acrylic gloss.

The idea came from a terrace of Victorian brick houses opposite to my workroom in Birmingham. The Tower is equivalent to just one house in possibly 6 or 8 similar units that made up the terrace. I was fascinated by the constant coming and going of 'colourful' people and tried to imagine their lives which, to me, seemed exotic. It was the 1970s and to an onlooker it was, well....the seventies.

Created in 1977 (in Birmingham)



tower side 1


Side 1 full view.



Tower side 1 top section


Side 1 top section.



Tower side 1 middle section


Side 1 middle section.



Tower side 1 lower section


Side 1 lower section.