A place to dream


"A Place to Dream"
60 inches high x 36 inches wide

Frame made from polystyrene on a wooden support, covered with velvet. Picture area is painted in casein paint and gold paint on a cut out shape in hardboard.

Created in 1971 (in Birmingham)



A Bride


"A Bride"
36 inches high x 48 inches wide

Materials: Casein paint and gold metalic paint on mahogany veneered plywood. Varnish: polyurethane and Windsor & Newton artists's Acrylic Gloss.

Created in 1972 (in Birmingham)



Mosaic Pavilion


"Mosaic Pavilion"
48 inches high x 24 inches wide

Casein paint on plywood. Acrylic varnish.

Created in 1974 (in Birmingham)