Two Faeries
Two Faeries detail  Two Faeries detail  Two Faeries detail  Two Faeries detail


"Two Faeries"
52 inches wide x 45 inches high (132 cms wide x 114 cms high) without long fringe.

Materials: Silk organdie with silk embroidery threads, dyed linen gauze, dyed fine cotton..

Made between 2014 and 2017



green garden


"Green Garden"
34 inches wide x 40 inches long (86.5cms wide x 1m 3cms long). Measurements include loops for hanging from a pole.

Tie-dyed calico, dyed hessian, muslin, nylon net and organdie, green and amethyst stones.

Created in 2009



green tree


"Green Tree"
20.5 inches wide x 27.5 inches long (52cms wide x 70cms long). Measurements include loops for hanging from a pole and bottom fringe.

Wax batik, calico, fabric paint, stitching and machine stitching, beads.

Created in 2008





22.7 inches wide x 56.5 inches long (58cms wide x 1m 61cms long) including loops at the top for hanging and fringes along the bottom edge.

Calico – tie-dyed and with wax batik resist, embroidery threads, beads and some costume jewellery.

Created in 2008



embroidered flowers


"Embroidered Flowers"
30 inches wide x 32 inches long (76.5cms wide x 81cms long) including fringes.

Calico, muslin, fine cotton, tulle. Embroidery threads and beads.

Created in 1997



cerulean fleece  cerulean fleece detail


"Cerulean Fleece"
21.5 inches wide x 54 inches long (55cms wide x 1 metre 37cms long).

Hessian, taffeta, silk, nylon net. Costume jewellery, mussel shells, threads and beads.

The head of the lamb was modelled in clay and a plaster mould taken. The mould was filled with paper mache and after a long drying period, the head was sprayed with silver paint and patinated with grey oil paint.

Created in 2005



autumn garden
autumn garden detail  autumn garden detail


"Autumn Garden"
35 inches wide x 50 inches long (89cms wide x 1 metre 27cms long).

Cotton, hessian, silk. Stamped-out metal shapes, copper wire and costume jewellery, threads.

Made at intervals between 2011 and 2012