NB. These dolls are not children's toys. They are made from materials that could be dangerous. They are fragile and should be displayed with attention to safety and preservation.



red haired wax doll


"Red haired wax doll"
Approx 36 inches high without circular display board which is 48 inches diameter.

Microcrystalline wax head cast from a plaster mould. Calico body and clothing, dyed and painted. Dyed string hair.

Originally the red haired doll was displayed on a circular backing board but she can also be displayed as a hanging piece of work.

Created in 1974 (in Birmingham)



brown paper mache doll


"Brown paper mache doll"
60 inches high x 15 inches wide (1 metre 52.5cms high x 38cms wide).

Paper mache head made in a plaster mould. Paper mache hands. Calico body, muslin clothes, wool and sisal hair. She is wearing a child's felt boots, possibly made in Pakistan. Silk hair ribbons.

The brown paper mache doll is a 2-sided doll. From a side view she is perhaps 5 or 6 inches through. She can be hung from a wall hook or from a stand.

Created - around 2008